Thursday, 6 April 2017

Random thoughts from tired Wednesday

Why the fuck didn't I do the assignments earlier?
Fuck, we have to keep some random informative speech about some books.
I want to sleep.
55%, is it enough? Probably no, if I want to listen to music.
I'm hungry.
It's too early to be awake.
Last day of the exam week!
Yas, 55% was enough.
I want more coffee.
I want to bake something.
NOO, IT'S MY HAND! (My little brother often hangs on my hand saying "My hand, my Linda")
Oh, this idea looks nice, I probably should try this one someday.
What the fuck?
I'm bored.
Mmm, that looks so delicious!
Now I'm getting hungrier.
I want chocolate.
I want to sleep.
Can I just take a nap?
What the fuck I just saw... O.o

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