Saturday, 22 April 2017

My hair journey

My hair journey starts from year 2014 when I dyed my hair for the first time.

Here's my hair before dying (November 2013).

Then I dyed it red with henna (January 2014).

I cut it much shorter + it's still red (February 2014).

Then I got half bald and dyed it again (April 2014).

I cut almost everything away (photo is from September 2014, but I got hair cut probably in the end of July 2014).

Then it grew... (December 2014)

And grew... (January 2015)

And grew... (March 2015)

Then I dyed my hair blue but for some reason I don't have any photo of that, so instead of it, take this photo where I am blue-haired, but because of that cool fire effect it doesn't really look like it (March 2015).

I dyed it purple (August 2015).

Then the colour started to get worse (somewhere between September and October 2015).

It got worse very quickly (31.10.2015).

Black and white again, but on that time my hair was basically almost white and in quite bad condition (May 2016)

Then I cut it short again and dyed with henna (June 2016).

It grew a lot (November 2016)

It grew little bit more (February 2017).

Curly hair for a larp (15.4.2017)


And now my hair looks like this. Also, it's a bit greasy so these are not the best photos right now (21.4.2017).

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